Born in 1969 in Stuttgart, Germany, Paul Robert Reif works autodidactically on making tangible what is buried by life, tangible what has become deaf over time, visible what was once hidden. To bring out under layers. To flush to the surface.

To give thoughts, feelings and subconscious colour, form and structure with painting techniques and oil paints, some of which were developed in-house. In pictures that create their own language. A language for the previously unspoken, the unnoticed, the hidden and the buried.

Pictures drawn by the restlessness of his companion, Parkinson's disease. The "Collateral Blurring" has become part of him. In his movements. His language. And is, beside his heart blood, co-creator of his pictures full of strength, joy of life and energy.

His artworks can be seen at renowned art fairs in Germany and Italy as well as in a gallery in New York City.